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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  January 27, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that will be one of the warmest overnight lows we'll have in a while. 39 bwi marshall. 41 washington. not a bad night by january standards. a light breeze. things changing in the big way tomorrow. 30 tonight. partly cloudy. light breeze. beautiful start to the day tomorrow. temperatures climb to 50. man, does its ever get colder around here tomorrow night. it will last all weekend. we'll talk about that and where we see a chance for snow coming up. the world's largest automaker hits the brakes over a faulty gas peddle as toyota halts sales over many popular vehicles. this comes in the wake of problems with accelerator peddles getting stuck. jeff has late word on how maryland dealers have been given the green light to resume selling some cars >> reporter: toyota sales car,
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trucks, reliability and safety. that's what sold libbey on buying her corolla more than a decade ago. >> it has been a wonderful car. i would certainly hesitate to buy a 2009 or 2010 until i know they have gotten the accelerator fixed and there is no danger of it all of a sudden sticking and putting my life in danger >> reporter: late tuesday toyota put out word to the dealers across the country they should stop selling eight different models of cars, trucks and suvs, including their most popular models. they are all off-limits due to a peddle produced by a supplier in ontario. local dealers say they know of no reported problems with accelerators in maryland. repair shops we spoke with backed that up. >> we deal with hundreds of toyotas a year.
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i have never seen it >> reporter: the general manager allen castle says toyota simply doesn't want to take any chances. >> i'm driving a camry . i have no qualms about driving it. i'll be driving it home. as far as any customers who do have any questions please bring it into your toyota dealer. they'll certainly look at it and tell you whether they think there is an issue >> reporter: less than 24-hours after the shut down toyota give dealers the go-ahead to resume selling the vehicle's no sell vehicles if they are made by a different maker. >> if you drive a toyota and the accelerator peddle sticks, first put the vehicle in neutral. put both feet on the brake. don't pump the brakes. then pull to the side of the road slowly when it is safe do so. you can cut the ignition off. if you have a smart key push the cutoff button and hold it
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down for three seconds. for more information on the vehicles involved in the massive recall head to our website at look under top stories. baltimore's incoming mayor will be in washington tonight for president obama's state of the union address. it was an honor that wasn't afforded to outgoing mayor sheila dixon whose legal difficulties kept her out of the national spotlight >> reporter: miss rawlings blake will be the best of senator carden at tonight's speech. mayor dixon was left out of the loop when it came to presidential appearances but rawlings blake apparently won't be. observers say having your may job acknowledged at the white house. this is local politics. while dixon's troubles were well-known nationally it didn't hurt the city on a national level. this is more of a civic pride issue as she's had a chance to represent the nation's need of
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the urban areas. >> i'm excited to be present at president obama's first state of the union. it is historic. i have goose bumps when i think about it. i'm very excited. >> it means that the white house will now accept the puts of soon-to-be mayor rawlings blake. we are relatively close to washington. so when there is a new program to be started or there is a ribbon cutting or something in baltimore to show off the president has easy access to the city >> reporter: what will matter more for rawlings blake is her relationship with lawmakers in annapolis. baltimore city gets most of its funding there. having a solid reputation as a good public servant can mean a lot in annapolis. >> thank you. we'll carry the president's state of the union address life here on abc 2 at 9:00.
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the president is expected to focus on the economy and job creation. his address will be followed by the republican response. a man who pleaded guilty to raping two elderly men in baltimore has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. the 20-year-old from dundalk was sentenced today. a baltimore county woman was charged with raising money to beat a disease she never had. this is a picture of her. we apparently showed the wrong photograph at 5:30. she used facebook to bill good samaritans and old high school classmates out of donation, including thousands of dollars. prosecutors say she needed the money to beat stomach cancer but it turns out she was never sick or treated. she's charged with two counts of felony theft and conspiracy. that list could grow. she scammed others with the
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same story including a restaurant owner who felt sorry for her and helped her throw her 16th birthday party for her daughter. >> what do you think her punishment should be? >> you cannot punish a concious. >> we could not reach her this afternoon. she is out of jail on $25,000 bond. united nations is boosting security in food distribution centers in haiti. survivors are becoming desperate and violent. troops have using pepper spray to maintain a sense of control. more doctors and nurses and other medical experts are headed to haiti to lend a helping hand. one group left bwi marshall airport this morning. another will leave next week. >> we have assembled a team of 190 people here at johns
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hopkins who are available to deploy in these kinds of emergencies. we have nurse, social workers, dietitian, physicians in all specialities. despending upon what's needed we are able to provide almost anything people need. >> several members of the hopkins team will work in port- au-prince and another member has been sent to work on the baltimore-based hospital ship u.s.s. comfort. another marine with maryland ties has been killed in afghanistan. 25-year-old marine died the yesterday after being wounded in a bomb blast in past weekend that killed two others. yesterday we told you about the death of a 22-year-old lance corporal jeremy cane who lived in towsend. governor martin o'malley is pushing legislation tightening the state's monitoring ovcon vehicled sex offenders. the move comes in the wake of
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the kidnapping of cheryl fox worth in the shore. the suspect was listed as a high-risk offender. governor o'malley announced today he supports a bill to mandate lifetime monitoring of certain serious sex offenders which may include gps monitoring. we talked to one lawmaker about the idea. >> there are gps recommendations. both for the ankle and we have had some that said it ought to be implanted. >> the governor also wants to require people convict of child porn possession or exposure in the presence of a minor to be registered as sex offenderrer. french power company edf, which is involved in the $4.5 joint venture with constellation energy was in annapolis today meeting with lawmakers. the deal made last year
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involves building a new nuclear reactor at the nuclear power plant in calvert county. >> these projects will generate electricity which is used among the technologies available. it is going to be a good deal for everybody. >> some lawmakers say they believe there are more efficient ways for maryland to purchase energy that would be better for taxpayers. maryland congressman cummings was part of a panel that grills the treasury secretary about his role of the taxpayer bailout of insurance giant aig. american international group received $180 billion in federal bailout dollars. some lawmakers believe timothy geithner withheld key information. major sheila dixon is getting word out that tax preparation help is available for qualified baltimore residents with a disabilities.
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she says super saturday disability income tax day will take place saturday, february 6th at several locations in the city. to register call the division of rehabilitation services at 410-333-6109. now, if you missed any of that information you can log on to your website at look under our financial survival guide. how would you like to loose ten pounds in 2010? some surprisingly simple tips coming up. also, more encouraging job news in maryland. another retailer puts out a help-wanted sign. an important reminderrer if parents. is your child's day too structured? thanks for coming back out. sure.
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in tonight heat alert, parents we'd all like to have structures activities for our children. you need to remember to give them down time as well >> reporter: julie is good at joggling. >> the girls go to gymnastics on monday nights for an hour. sam goes to a music class every thursday morning >> reporter: she's juggling schedules trying to find the proper balance between structured time and down time for the three children. >> down time is any time a child can chose near activity
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that's not structured or task- oriented. >> reporter: down time simply means good, old fashioned play time. mark crawford says young children need as much as possible, whether it is exercising, playing with others or playing on their own. the amount needed varies child to child. >> their downtime usually involves some sort of toy upstairs in the play room or sometimes they'll enjoy play dough or crafts at the kitchen table >> reporter: crawford says children can benefit from structured activities that often bring out their talents. he cautions against overscheduling. >> the goal is to give them a sample. is this something you may have an interest in so later on they'll take that on for themselves >> reporter: for themselves but with mom still juggling the schedule. for today's health minute i'm melissa long. how would you like to loose ten pounds in 2010? on our website we have simple tips to help you do that. you'll want to consul with your
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doctor first before beginning any new diet or exercise program. skip the salad dressing.tip two. toss whole milk and use only skim. three. make all of your sandwiches open faced. did you know omitting the top solution of bread can save you up to 80 salaries. for more tips log on to look at the right-hand side of the home page. before we get to weather we have an update on a story we told you about last night at 11:00. thanks to that massive storm system that moved through sunday and monday the only bridge leading into the mountain resort was washed out. tonight that small, private vacation resort is reconnected to society. officials put up a temporary bridge that's opened and in place. that would be awful to be stuck and not be able to get out. >> as the narrow river.
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powerful rapids if you have been around it. floodwaters are too much too fast. that map of deep creek lake gets me thinking october summer. i'm telling you. >> 50 degrees is going to make me feel like summer tomorrow. >> four or five short months it will feel like summer out there. tomorrow 50 will have to do. not bad. a teaser. then we'll get knocked upside the head with arctic air. 43 today. two degree guarantee forecast was 42. two days in a row we nailed that. weather winner laura out of hamstead. pop in at and enter your name. 39 bwi marshall. decent night out there. light wind out of the west. after a decent day of weather. in fact it was a nice day at the inner harbor. blue skies then a few passing
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fair weather clouds. on the whole, a good day of weather, as we push towards sunset. which was not until 20 minutes past 5:00. days are getting longer. it will feel milder tomorrow. temperatures upper 30s to low 40s. 441 maryland science center. i want to show you the wins we have winds we have had. strong winds will hold off until tomorrow afternoon and evening as a big-time cold front blasts through. lows this morning in the 20s. we climb nicely temperature wise. we got back up to 43 this afternoon. you can add five or ten degrees to these numbers tomorrow afternoon before the cold air comes rushing in. winds pick up in the afternoon. right now a few, thin clouds across the area. no precipitation. into the day tomorrow we are not expecting much either. we have an upper disturbance here. we expect this to fizzle out.
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most to track to the north. i do think just some passing clouds from that particular disturbance there. otherwise high pressure will provide milder weather tomorrow. backside of this thing will pick up a southerly wind tomorrow. it will be gusty but mild. then the big-time cold air behind the trough in the midwest will blast through tomorrow night. milder air on the move briefly. into the day tomorrow we'll get into this 50-degree air. see the 22 in chicago? that's going to swoop down our surge of milder air tomorrow. don't get too used to it. enjoy it briefly while we have it. forecast model. tonight a few passing clouds at time. the disturbance sneaks up through pennsylvania and fizzles out. we are left with sunshine. high winds 30 to 35 miles per hour. winds will be mild at first then turning northwest and getting colder as we go into tomorrow night. here's your forecast tonight. only down to 30 or so. partly cloudy. really not bad for a january
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night. late january night's can be colder than that. they will be this weekend. 50 tomorrow. partly sunny skies. mild. winds pick up in a big way. tomorrow night it drops to 19. quick check of the seven-day forecast. outlook is a much colder one after tomorrow. we'll bet only to 30 on friday with a chilly wind then another arctic surge of air comes in saturday. coldest down to 27 for a high. nights in the teens all weekend. it will feel like january and a decent chance for snow showers through the day on saturday. >> thank you, wyatt. there is an effort underway to get toss eat healthier. "washington post" reports david herrington introduced a big in the senate to limit the number of licensed given to new restaurants. we'd like to hear your two cents. we are asking the question,
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should local governments restrict the number of fast food restaurants? log on to look on the right-hand side of the home page to vote in the online poll. we'll be right back. moms know kids need calcium...
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but they also need vitamin d to help absorb calcium.
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hiring. the wisconsin-based retailer needs 150 people in lexington park. it is set to open in march. job fair is scheduled for january 31st through february 4th at the hampton in on three match road. you can call 877-new-kohls. meanwhile dome depot plans to cut 1,000 jobs. atlanta-based company sent an e- mail to employees announcing a layoff. laidoff oars will get 60 days severance pay and be eligible for any year- end bonus cuts. something to clap about on wall street today. dow jones gained 41 points. nasdaq up 17. s&p 500 up a little over five. we are working to help you
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out in these tough economic times. on our financial survival guide, you need to pay closer attention to your money in the new year. learn how young geniuses track their finances. plus, free tax preparation for low income baltimore residents. how to find out if you are eligible. readers share their best ideas for little luxuries that won't break the bank. you'll fine it online at new at 11:00 president obama is a few hours away from addressing the nation. tonight at 11:00 a recap of the state of the union address plus reaction from here at home. we'll continue to learn more about the local woman who scammed good samaritans and convinced them she was dying. what they are saying tonight at 11:00. also the big chill coming up. first a mild day tomorrow. by tomorrow night it is going to be dropping in a big way. you can see 20-degree drop into friday. 20s this weekend. that's it for us.
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we are back at 11:00. thank you for joining us. have a great night.
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